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Are you a fan of cooking?

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My daughter Ruthie recently decided to do an awards ceremony at home, where Marc and I were the recipients of numerous awards.  We took turns going up to receive our respective certificates, Marc for good homework, especially spellings and my proudest moment,  for being "A Fan of Cooking".  I thanked everyone in the audience, Lucia for her patience, Marc for his enthusiasm and Ruthie for inspiring me to co

What's new in gluten free?

Starbucks GF Tuna Sandwich jpeg gf.jpgIn the past few months I have seen a number of large companies getting on the gluten free bandwagon. Starbucks has launched a gf sandwich in some of their outlets, Waitrose have had a five page feature in their magazine focussing on gluten free food for everyone, Sainsbury's have completely re-vamped their free from range and are said to be adding a lot of new items to their frozen range, M & S are also launching a range of&nbsp

The Allergy and Gluten Free Show

ASCompilationGF4kids.jpg24 hours after the event, I can tell you I am still buzzing.  It was a really great show and having been a bit pessimistic about the numbers attending due to the first day of proper heat and sunshine, I was more than surprised to see how many people came to the first dem.  The theme for the morning was Gluten Free Birthday Parties, what every parent wants to know.  I covered a wide range of  recipes from my book including chick

Mexican Food

fruta.jpg gf.jpgI've recently been craving Mexican Food and was delighted to come across a new cookbook by Thomasina Miers, an ex Master Chef winner and the founder of a small chain of Mexican cantina style eateries called Wahaca.  My daughter Ruthie loves eating at Wahaca which is in central London, not far from Covent Garden.  Most of the fo

Cooking with Children

Lucia licking the spoon jpeg gf.jpgReading the title of this blog you may be forgiven for thinking I am thinking of using "children" as ingredients.  No, what I mean is involving children in the cooking.  The reason for bringing this up is that I recently did a dem for one of the local coeliac groups near Poole.  There were lots of young children  in the audience with their parents which was great and watching them fidget and looking a little bored made me thi

Allergy and Gluten Free Show - Olympia 21st - 23rd May

Lucia in tent jpeg gf.jpgI will be doing two cookery demonstrations at The Allergy and Gluten Free Show at Olympia on Saturday 22 May.

A Gluten Free Birthday Party Menu - What Every Parent Wants to Know

Saturday 22nd May, 11.00 - 11.45

Cookbooks for Children

 RD revolting recipes jpeg gf.jpgA few days ago, Ruthie discovered the Roald Dahl Revolting Recipes Cookbook hidden amongst all my cookbooks.  Having visited the Roald Dahl museum and read some of Roald Dahl's books, she was really keen to make some of the recipes.  She's earmarked the "lickable wallpaper for nursery's" and "candy coated pencils for sucking in class" as two of the most appealing.   Going through the book I  realis

Happy Mothering Sunday

Mother and child image.jpg gf.jpgTo all those lovely mum's out there, wishing you a wonderful Mothering Sunday.  I've posted a few new recipes for you this week, which I am hoping will get those pesky little children into the kitchen tomorrow morning.  Amongst this weeks offerings are some magical jam doughnut muffins, a very authentic and tasty

Recent Developments

crazy chef jpeg gf vers 2.jpgIt's been a week since you last heard from me and I suppose you are wondering what's happening?  Well it's been an eventful  week on lots of fronts. Here's a little run down on the highlights. 


starbucks-logo.jpg gf.jpgI am a huge champion of companies offering gluten free products.  However, today I came face to face with the type of thing most Coeliac's recoil in horror about.  I only wish I had thought of taking a picture of what I saw so as to have concrete evidence to show you why you should really avoid buying the Orange Gluten Free cake at Starbucks.

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