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Baking Workshop Dates 2016/2017

Classic Christmas Cake

150%">Classic Christmas Fruit Cake

Want to know what it's like to attend a bread course?

Joanna Blythman's Article on Free From Food in The Sunday Times

As someone who teaches gluten free baking, encourages and advocates making your own, I was a bit taken aback by the article in the Sunday Times (4 October 2015), written by the well respected and consumer champion Joanna Blythman.  Unfortunately, I can’t share the article with you as it is on a subscription only basis so if you want to know exactly what she wrote, you will have to fi

Genius Product Recall

Update 9 June 2015:  

Allergy Aware Training

14 Allergens food chart gf.jpg

I was lucky to bag a place at Allergy Aware Kitchen training day yesterday which was held at Nibsy's, Reading's first all gluten free cafe.  

Silly Yak Pastry

Why don't the Chains Understand Gluten Free?

Our family can only eat out together at one restaurant.  It’s called Nandos.  It’s a very nice place but sometimes it would be nice to try something new.  I am a Coeliac.  My mum isn’t Coeliac but she is gluten free like me.  She is lucky because she gets to try food that I can’t eat.

Halloween Recipes

Buckwheat Broomsticks

 Buckwheat broomsticks and pumpkins jpg 1.jpg

Check out this cheeky little recipe for Halloween.  These little cheesy breadsticks are winners in the taste department and you can dress em up and take them pretty much anywhere.  

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