The Allergy and Gluten Free Show

ASCompilationGF4kids.jpg24 hours after the event, I can tell you I am still buzzing.  It was a really great show and having been a bit pessimistic about the numbers attending due to the first day of proper heat and sunshine, I was more than surprised to see how many people came to the first dem.  The theme for the morning was Gluten Free Birthday Parties, what every parent wants to know.  I covered a wide range of  recipes from my book including chicken nuggets, pizza and lovely little cupcakes  with buttercream icing.  Following the dem we went upstairs to have a look at the stands.   All the stands seemed to be busy and there were lots of interesting things to taste and try.  We wandered around and did some professional tasting.  Then Fiona had a brilliant idea.  She found a stand that was demonstrating some massage beds so we had a half hour massage.  It was blissful and although not in the league of having 2,500 pounds to spend on a bed that pummels and vibrates away all your aches and pains we came away feeling very refreshed.  We then went on to sample all the different chocolates at the Kinnerton stand.  My favourite was the Luxury Belgian Milk Chocolate which comes in  handy lunch box size bars.  I ate two of these on the way home, so I am guessing these may never actually see the inside of the children's lunch boxes.  I tried lots of the cakes at Honeyrose Bakery and also bought some of my favourite shampoo and conditioner at the Green People stand. 

Having spent a small fortune we then finished the afternoon with a dem on lunch boxes.  If was a bit of a graveyard slot and those who came along looked a bit tired and in need of a cup of tea.  Well into the dem and in mid flow there was a sudden loud crash.  I turned around to find my assistant Fiona sprawled on the floor.  To my great relief she was still holding those precious crispy chicken nuggets aloft in one hand.  We quickly rescued the nuggets, put the partition wall back up which separated the dem stand from the prep area and got on with the rest of the show.  Fortunately we only got an attack of hysterical giggles on the way home.  My next gig is in Edinburgh at Coeliac UK's Annual Conference.  Not sure I will be able to top the comedy factor at this event, but  I am sure there will be something to make the experience memorable.


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