Happy Mothering Sunday

Mother and child image.jpg gf.jpgTo all those lovely mum's out there, wishing you a wonderful Mothering Sunday.  I've posted a few new recipes for you this week, which I am hoping will get those pesky little children into the kitchen tomorrow morning.  Amongst this weeks offerings are some magical jam doughnut muffins, a very authentic and tasty focaccia and possibly the best  homemade lemonade ever.  This trio of recipes have been tried and tested by my own little darlings this week.  Kid friendly but with real wow power, I am sure these will become firm favorites in your household. 

The jam doughnut muffins come courtesy of Mrs Duff, one of the teachers at my  daughter's school. I overheard some of the parents talking about these the other day in hushed tones.  I was intrigued.  Purely by accident I ran into Mrs Duff as she was collecting a group of children en route to her after school cookery class.  I mentioned the doughnuts rather hoping she would be willing to part with the recipe. She was immediately forthcoming. Not only is this a generous and wonderful gesture, but I can tell you having devoured 3 of these this morning, these are a dream come true. They are heavenly!

The focaccia recipe comes from Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne's book The Food Allergy Cookbook and the founder of Genius Bread. My daughter was thrilled when she came home and found focaccia on the kitchen table.  She couldn't quite believe it was gluten free and then having checked several times, she proceeded to devour almost half a loaf in seconds. She awarded it several million thumbs up which I think is one of the highest awards ever and this young lady really does know good food when she sees it.  So maximum respect for Lucinda.

The lemonade recipe  is from my brother-in-law Scotty, who has to be said, makes the best lemonade. 

So with a hint of spring in the air and the sight of those first little lambs frolicking in the fields, lets raise our glasses to mums everywhere and to gluten free living which just gets better and better.


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