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Happy Anniversary!

Ruth and Lucia with Focaccia jpg gf.jpgIt's official, www.glutenfree4kidscom is one!

Gluten Free Pasta at Jamie's Italian!

Ruthie @ Jamie's jpg gf.jpgRuthie and I were doing a bit of girly shopping today at the Oracle in Reading.  After an hour of deliberating on which school shoes to buy we were both starting to get a bit tired and hungry.  We checked out The

On the Rocks (Isle of Wight)

On the Rocks Ruthie jpeg.jpgWe've just returned from a rather soggy few days on the Isle of Wight and whilst the trip is still fresh in my mind and my trousers are still damp from the rain, I thought I'd let you in on a little secret.  In Yarmouth there is a restaurant called On The

Way to go Wahaca!

logo_Wahaca.jpgWe've just returned from visiting a branch of  Wahaca, a Mexican "street food" restaurant in London.  Ruthie loves this place because with a few exceptions, most of the menu is gluten free.

Special Gluten Free Tummy Friends

tummy friends jpeg gf.jpgA little while back there was a message on the Coeliac Message Board from someone who wanted to meet other children with Coeliac Disease.  Her daughter wanted to meet other children who also had a "special tummy" and I thought now here's someone who real

Today's Special Gluten Free !

Cupcake shop jpeg gf.jpgWe were working our way around Wallingford this afternoon  when I spotted the sign in the window of The Glorious Bakeshop in Wallingford.  Unfortunately we were too late as all the gluten free cupcakes had gone, but we had a chat with the owner who told us tha

How to cook gluten free pasta

GF Pasta jpeg.jpgFresh from my Italian holiday and with an entire suitcase filled to the brim with gluten free pasta, I thought I might share some tips on how to cook it like a pro. 

Top Tips for a Gluten Free Holiday

pinocchio jpeg gf.jpgI've been writing this blog in my head for the last 10 days as we travel around Italy with our two kids strapped into the back seat fighting over some bit of plastic or who called who stupid.  I think you may get the picture.

The week that was....

It's been one hell of a week!  house of lords jpeg gf.jpgOn Thursday afternoon I attended a tea party at the House of Lords, hosted by Coeliac UK.

To mince or not to mince?

old fashion mincer jpeg gf.jpgA few weeks ago Ruthie was invited to dinner at a friends house.  I arrived a bit early and got to sample the home made gluten free sausage made by Brona's dad, Moss.  They were fantastic!  Armed with a recipe of sorts,  I had a go at home

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