Gluten Free Pasta at Jamie's Italian!

Ruthie @ Jamie's jpg gf.jpgRuthie and I were doing a bit of girly shopping today at the Oracle in Reading.  After an hour of deliberating on which school shoes to buy we were both starting to get a bit tired and hungry.  We checked out The Mission which looked very promising, a huge queue of people and the words Mexican Grill would seem to indicate a possibility of something gluten free on the menu.  Sadly it was nada!  All of their wraps, tacos and burritos, including their salad are made with flour tortillas.  So, we started to list our options, Cafe Rouge (too boring) Carluccio's (too far to walk) and Jamie's Italian just across the little bridge (fingers crossed).  We were greeted by a lovely hostess and as soon as I mentioned gluten free, she immediately said, "we can do any of our pasta dishes (excluding the lasagna) with gluten free pasta!  How refreshing is that.  About 15 minutes later Ruthie was tucking into some pasta bolognese.  She polished off the entire bowl and then asked if she could order the same thing again!  We were in a bit of a rush so were unable to have pudding, or indeed a second helping of bolognese, but the nice waitress informed us that any of the ice creams on the menu would be gf as is  the pannacotta.  Well hats off to Jamie's.  You've earned yourself two new fans and several thumbs up from the gluten free princess.

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