On the Rocks (Isle of Wight)

On the Rocks Ruthie jpeg.jpgWe've just returned from a rather soggy few days on the Isle of Wight and whilst the trip is still fresh in my mind and my trousers are still damp from the rain, I thought I'd let you in on a little secret.  In Yarmouth there is a restaurant called On The Rocks, where they serve your food on hot lava bricks at the table, for you to cook yourself.  This isn't a place for very young children as you can imagine, it may not make for a very relaxing meal, but for older children say 7 and up, there is a huge novelty factor with the added benefit that the majority of the menu is naturally gluten free.  The restaurant is only open in the evenings as it takes 24 hours for the stones to heat up.  They open from 6 pm onwards and this is a good time to go as the place fills up really quickly. 

On the menu you will find meat, all different cuts and varieties including chicken, lamb and beef and some seafood too including tuna steaks, prawns and scallops. Everything looks very fresh and you can have a look in the display case before you order to choose what you'd like.  The menu is very simple.  Chooose from the board your meat/fish.  This will arrive on your table on a hot black lava stone.  You then cut it up into bite size pieces and cook it to your liking on the stone.  They bring a huge bowl of chips (gluten free) and a  large salad with gluten free dressing to share. The staff don't really seem to know much about gluten free food, which is a shame as this is as pronounced by Ruthie "gluten free heaven".  Perhaps when more and more coeliacs turn up they will catch on to what a great place it is for those who are gluten intolerant. Ruthie with ice cream sundae.JPG gf.jpg Most of the puddings are also gluten free, the kids had these amazing ice cream sundaes and the home made pavlova looked really nice too.  So if you happen to find yourself on the beautiful Isle of Wight, this is a great place to finish off the day. Yarmouth is a beautiful little town, with some nice shops, and a harbour.  There are ferry crossings to Lymington from here, so if you happen to be in the New Forest and fancy a day trip to the Isle of Wight, this is as good as it gets.  You do need to book as it gets very crowded particularly during the tourist season. 

For more details and to make reservations you can telephone the restaurant on:  +44 (0)1983 760505

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