Just to let you know that on facebook there is a group called Coeliacs in the UK and one of the contributors was asking for advice about good cookery books (as opposed to all those you bought and never used!) I recommended your brilliant book and have had really positive comments about it - so here's hoping more people will enjoy it as much as I (and the recipients of my efforts) do :-)

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adriana wrote 13 years 3 weeks ago

Thank You!

Hi Evelyn,

Thank you so much for your kind words and endorsement.  My copy is now falling to bits as it is the one cookbook we use every day.  My husband, who has taken over much of the day to day cooking has been making quite a few recipes from the cookbook lately and adding his own little twists....which he is reluctant to share.  The children have suggested that perhaps Daddy could give me a few cooking tips!  I suspect he will be publishing his own gluten free cookery book soon.