Gluten,Wheat,Soya and Dairy free diet

My daughter was recently diagnosed with Ehlers-danlos syndrome. This was after 5 years of trying to get help with her stomach problems, constant diarrhea, hugely extended stomach and constant pain to name but a few problems. She is now on a wheat, Gluten, Soya and dairy free diet and is like a different little girl. Would like to hear from anyone that has some good recipes as I am always looking for new things to make for her. I am now truly amazed at how much rubbish is added to processed food, we now only each foods that I have made from beginning to end.

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Rachael (not verified) wrote 12 years 42 weeks ago

everything free diet!

Hi poppypea I don't have anything to add, however would really love to see any recipes you have come across. Our 1 year old has intolerances to everything you listed, as well as sugar, tomato, peanut and potato....which causes unbearable eczema for her. Have you got anything you can share?


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adriana wrote 12 years 42 weeks ago

I can really recommend....

It's tough catering for multiple allergies and intolerances.  I can really sympathise.  I  would recommend looking into buying a Thermomix.  I know it's a big expense, but for people with lots of dietary restrictions, this machine will be a real life safer.  For a start, you can make all sorts of milks, from rice, cashews, almonds, oats to name a few.  For young children, getting sufficient calcium in their diets can be a problem.  Also, you can steam and puree vegtables very easily and then use these to replace the fat in most cakes. It will save lots of time in preparing food and you will be able to easily make home made versions of things like hummus, ketchup, pasta sauces, soups etc.   Check out the website .  If you want more information, please email me.  I would be more then happy to share with you my experience.  I am a trained demonstrator for Thermomix, but I promise you this is not an ad.  I've had my machine for two months and I absolutely love it.  I decided to get one when I saw that you could grind your own grains and lentils into flour.  So for example, you can grind uncooked whole dried chickpeas and make fresh flour.  You can make your own nut butters too.  And also, it's very safe and children love using it.