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Gluten Free Guerillas Health Unlocked

I am enjoying this website, which offers a variety of interesting articles and a great range of topics.  I am embracing the possibility of finding intelligent dialogue and a more open and rational approach to eating gluten free.

Flamenco Party and Little Spanish Tapas

Flamenco cupcakes.jpg gf.jpgA little while ago I bought a book called The Little Tapas Book.  Reading through I suddenly had an idea.  Why

We've been camping!

Are you into Thermomix?

thermomix close up.jpg gf.jpgIt's been nearly a month since my Thermomix arrived and I have enjoyed every single minute.  I'm starting to really understand the benefits of Thermomix and how to get the best results.  What I've discovered is that using my Thermomix really saves time.&n

Indonesian Food

Fia and Muthia.JPG gf.jpgRuthie's best friend from school is called Fia and she is from Indonesia.  A few months ago, I was chatting to Fia's mum, Muthiah in the playground and within a few minutes, the conversation veered into the territory of Indonesian food.  It very quickly becam

Hooray for Honeybuns!

honeybuns tin 3.jpg gf.jpgI managed to get one of the last tins filled to the brim with Honeybuns goodies yesterday.  For those of you unfamiliar with Honeybuns' products, they make a very nice range of cakes and cookie bars.  All of their pro

What I made today with my Thermomix

I was on the school trip today, so it's a miracle that I made anything at all.  I'll be brief as it's late now.....I made two types of curry sauces, one for some chicken satay and another for a vegeable curry I am making tomorrow. I also made some really nice Basmati rice for supper, which was steamed to perfection.   Then I made three lots of wholemeal dough (sadly not glut

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