What you'd like for Christmas....

vintage christmas poster.jpg gf vers 2.jpgI know it may seem ridiculously early, but Christmas has a habit of creeping up on me, and this year is no exception.  Most of the stores now have shelves and shelves devoted to all their Christmas lines.  So, I thought I'd ask you what gluten free recipes you would like for  Christmas this year.  I've started putting together some ideas and some recipes which I hope to have ready for you to try, before the start of the Christmas season.  My list includes things like florentines, easy butter cookies, white chocolate mousse, savoury crackers, baby treacle tarts, gingerbread, chocolate and chestnut cake, and maybe even some ricotta gnocchi if I can get the recipe right. 

So send me your Christmas wish list and I will try to find you a recipe or develop a recipe just for you. 


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Eatingpeopleiswrong wrote 9 years 50 weeks ago

My Christmas wish

Hello Adriana, what a fabulous idea!

I would love a recipe for macaroons. I might be fussy, but I like them crisp on the outside, with a chewy centre. And it needs to be easy! any suggestions?

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adriana wrote 9 years 50 weeks ago


Hi there,

I've got two suggestions for you..  Try Hugs and Kisses in the recipe section.  These are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  They are easy to make and you can choose whether or not to eat them plain or sandwich them with different fillings.  Try red currant jelly or nutella, which are our favourites at home. Also try the Cranberry Amaretti recipe.  These are  incredibly easy to make and they have a slightly crisp exterior and a very moist chewy centrre.  I recently made these swapping dried cherries for the cranberries and they were delicious.  They look and feel very much like Christmas too and would make a nice ending to the Christmas lunch, served with tea or coffee. By the way, these are also dairy free, so just in case you have any lactose intolerant friends or relatives, these will make them joyfully happy.  Needless to say, dipping them in chocolate takes them to a whole new level of lusciousness.  Enjoy.

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akwrdfoodi (not verified) wrote 9 years 47 weeks ago

Stollen cake recipie

I adore stollen cake but since discovering I am wheat and dairy intolerant I have not had the pleasure of indulging in this festive treat. Please can we have a recipe? I also love marzipan so would like to include it as is typical for this German teabread. Thanks in advance.

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adriana wrote 9 years 47 weeks ago

Gluten Free Stollen for Christmas

I love this cake/bread too and really look forward to having it at this time of year.  I shall have a go at making a GF version in the next few weeks, so please do keep checking back on the website.  My friend Fiona has promised me her recipe, which I am hoping to adapt, so I shall have to give her a prod.......I am going to her house next Monday for bookclub and I know she's making some!