Baking Workshop Dates 2016/2017


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 About the workshops

All of the workshops take place in professional teaching kitchens, which are well equipped and tailored for students.  The workshops combine hands on practical work with demonstrations.  My teaching ethos is about sharing the knowledge and giving students a good understanding of how and why things work.  Many of the techniques used are based on many years of experience working with gluten free flours and developing recipes. My workshops are designed to be interactive and I encourage you to ask questions. My objective is to  give you the confidence to bake gluten free at home and at work!  

Please note that all workshops are suitable for both experienced cooks and bakers and those who are complete beginners.  These workshops are for adults only although children ages 16 and over will be considered but they must be accompanied by a fee paying adult.  

Many of the the kitchens are also equipped for special needs and disabled facilities are available. 

If you have other dietary request in addition to gluten free, please make sure you contact the school and make them aware of this.  We will always do our best to accomodate special dietary requests, but can only do so if you advise us in advance.

For full course descriptions about menus for each of the courses, please look on the designated website.  This will contain the most up to date information and will describe what each course involves. 

Important Please Read

Please note that bookings can not be made on this website.  To book a course you need to go to the corresponding website and book directly with them.  If you have any queries or are unsure about what is covered, then by all means get in touch with me and I will be very happy to answer your queries.  Looking forward to seeing you on a course soon! 

contact details: 

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Workshop Dates, Venues and Topics

Bread Ahead, Borough Market, London

Half Day (3 hour) GF Intro To Baking 

A great workshop to start your gluten free journey.  In just 3 hours we will cover the basics of gluten free baking making cake, bread and pastry.  We will also be using a variety of different gluten free flours including Teff, Buckwheat and polenta and discussing how different flours can create different textures and flavours.    

  • Saturday 3 September 10- 1 pm - Sold Out


  • Sunday 16 October 10 - 1 pm- Sold Out


  • Tuesday 8 November 2:30- 5:30pm- Sold Out


  • Saturday 12 November 10- 1 pm


  • Sunday 4 December 10 - 1 pm 



The perfect workshop for anyone who is interested in learning about the sourdough process, how it works, and how to use it to make great tasting gluten free bread.  You'll learn how to make a gluten free starter. You will also make a baguette, shape a loaf and make rolls to take home. All of this in 3 hours!   


  • Saturday 3 September 2:30 - 5:30 pm - Sold Out


  • Sunday 16 October  2:30 - 5:30 pm


  • Tuesday 8 November 10 - 1 pm


  • Saturday 12 November 2:30 - 5:30pm


  • Sunday 4 December 2:30 - 5:30 pm 


HALF DAY (3 hour) Classic Italian Baking at Bread Ahead, London

If pizza and focaccia are your thing, then this is the perfect course for you.  One very versatile dough with many different applications and you get to make a mouth watering authentic pizza, focaccia and breadsticks to take home. 

  • Thursday 22 September 10 - 1 pm


Gluten Free Christmas Baking at Bread Ahead, London 

Full details on this course will be available shortly

  • Saturday 10 December 2016 


Leith's School of Food and Wine, London

Intro to Gluten Free Baking 

On this course you will learn about  the fundemental principles of gluten-free baking. There will be lots of tips and techniques to inspire you to make your own bread, cakes, and pastry. My aim is for you to achieve the texture and flavour of traditional baked goods but without the gluten.  By the end of the class you will be amazed at what you can achieve gluten-free. 

  •  Tuesday 11 October 2016


  • Friday 20 January 2017


  • Thursday 9 March 2017


Gluten Free Christmas Baking at Leith's School of Food and Wine, London

Get ready for Christmas and learn how to make your favourite holiday foods gluten free.  Further details on this course will be available soon.

  • Friday 2 December 2016


Braxted Cookery School, Essex

All about GF bread at Braxted Cookery School, Essex 

A whole day devoted to gluten free bread.  Learn all the tricks and tips to making your own gluten free loaf and more. Pizza, flatbreads, wraps, brioche and breadsticks are all on the menu.  

  • Tuesday 27 September - Sold Out 


All about GF pastry at Braxted Cookery School, Essex

A whole day devoted to gluten free pastry.  Learn about all the different types of pastry including shortcrust, choux, pate sucree, chocolate and hot water pastry.  

  • Wednesday 28 September



Cucina Caldesi

Pasta and Pizza at Cucina Caldesi, London 

If you want to make truly authentic gluten free fresh pasta and pizza, then this is the course for you.  

Dates to be posted shortly


Miele Experience Centre, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Bread and Pastry Workshop at Miele Experience Centre

This course provides a great introduction to the two most requested gluten free items, pastry and bread. In this full day course you will discover how to make perfect gluten free pastry.  We will also make a versatile everyday loaf and finish the day with a magnificent pizza and focaccia.  The objective is for you to leave the course inspired and energised and ready to tackle gluten free baking.

  • Saturday 27 August 2017


  • Saturday 24 September 2017


Gluten Free Sourdough Workshop at Miele Experience Centre, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

A fantastic opportunity to learn all about sourdough, how to make a starter, how to keep it going and best of all, how to make truly delicious gluten free sourdough baguettes that taste like proper crusty bread.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn some really useful tips about gluten free bread making.

  • Saturday 29 October 2017


Sophie Grigson Pop Up Cookery School, Oxford

Gluten Free Sourdough Workshop at Sophie Grigson's Pop Up Cookery School, Oxford

Dates to be confirmed soon


Brookes University, Oxford

Principles of Gluten Free Baking at Brookes University- Oxford 

Learn about the priniciples of gluten free baking in this one day masterclass.  You will learn how to make crusty baguettes, light and flaky pastry, velvety muffins and sausage rolls.  An absolute feast of traditional favourites all gluten free. 

  • Saturday 11 March 2017


Bay Tree Cottage Workshops


Gluten Free Bread and Pastry at BayTree Cottage Workshops, near Towcester 

Pretty much everything you'll need to know on how to make great tasting bread and crispy light pastry.  We will be making baguettes, quiche, jam tarts and also pizza and focaccia.  

  • Friday 16 September,


GF Sourdough Workshop at  Bay Tree Cottage Workshops, near Towcester

  • Friday 14 October


Gluten Free Xmas Baking at Bay Tree Cottage Workshops, near Towcester

Get ready for the holiday season on this festive baking course.  Buttery, light brioche,  yummy sausage rolls and delicate cookies to impress your guests.  

  • Friday 18 November 


Bespoke Courses

If you are looking for one on one training either for private individuals or for restaurants  and professional kitchens, please get in touch.  Bespoke courses tailored to your specific requirements can be arranged.  For prices, availability and further information please email



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