The Power of Love

snowman cupcake 1.JPG gf.jpg

This little guy was created at my last after school cookery club for the year.  He's adorable and he's gluten free.  I made him using the recipe for Jubilee Cupcakes and used the buttercream icing recipe also listed in the recipe section.  The body is made of white jet puff marshmallows, available at Costco and in London.  If you can't get these then use any large white marshmallows.  The hardest thing is finding writing icing and sprinkles that are gluten free.  I used some from Tescos but do read the labels carefully as many of the decorations and writing icings contain wheat starch.  If you can't find anything suitable then melt down some chocolate and use this to make eyes, buttons, hats etc.  I also searched  through the sweet aisle to find suitable bits to make arms (mine are Quality Street Orange Matchsticks), hats (giant cadbury buttons), scarves (fruit strings) and a little slice of genuine Cyprus apricot delight for his rather large nose.

I hope this puts you in the spirit for the holidays.  My little snowman was almost eaten a few times as I procrastinated doing boring things like tax returns, but luckily for him, today he got taken home by the math tutor who took a shine to him.  Whether or not she will eat him is anyone's guess. 

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