Lunch at Branca's

Happy ChristmasGF.JPGWell it's getting to feel like Christmas.  This afternoon the tempratures plummeted and we are expecting a 'significant" amount of snow overnight.    Unlike those of you in countries where this could mean more more than 5 inches, for us here in the UK it will mean a light dusting that will lead to road chaos and calls from the met office not to travel unless absolutely necessary.  With Christmas a mere 5 days away and apart from all those little jobs to be done, there is the mamoth task of keeping the children entertained and under control.  Today's activity involved lunch at  Branca's on Walton Street in Oxford  For those of you unfamiliar with this restaurant, I really recommend it.  It is a lovely space and it's very child friendly.  The menu caters for a wide range of tastes including pizzas, burgers and pasta dishes.  For those of us who require a gluten free, the menu is surprisingly accomodating.  Everything is cooked to order and the staff seem well informed.  We are regulars here and often the staff go out of the way to adapt items on the menu if required.  Today's pudding (on the children's menu) was a delicious chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream which I believe was gluten free.  It is best to ask as the menu changes regularly, as do the ingredients used.  With boxes of crayons and mini colouring books supplied by our waitress and all the twinkling lights and candles creating a warm glowing atmosphere, the children were in heaven.  They slurped up their milkshakes and polished off their  plates of chicken and chips in no time. As we emerged onto Walton Street, we saw people lugging home their Chrismtas trees and all the lovely lights in the shop windows.  Magical! 

PS.  Hope you like our "snow" effect.  A big thank you to Adam for adding such a  festive and topical touch to the website.  And I hope you like the hats!  Reindeer hat made by Ruthie at school, Ratatouille Hat made by Marc for the Ratotouille obsessed Lucia.


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