Can I reduce the sugar in the banana bread without affecting the quality?

I am now a dab hand (or so I think) at making the banana bread - I make it in muffin cases - NEVER AGAIN IN A SILICONE MOULD! LOL.

My question is - could I reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe without affecting the quality. I know it would affect the taste as it would be less sweet but I do find it a bit sweet for my taste anyway.

Am baking them again today and will follow the quantities religiously as per usual but would appreciate advice on this.

Just home from a wonderful 10 days holiday in Cork and County Kerry and couldnt get over how much they - restaurants, delis and food stores - get the whole gluten free concept. I did check out on the Coeliac ie website for recommendations before we went but lots of random shopping was a delight - many restaurants baked their own gluten free bread which was a real treat.

Many thanks Evelyn

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adriana wrote 13 years 35 weeks ago

Reducing the amount of sugar in cakes

Hi Evelyn,

Interesting question.  There was a lady on the the site awhile back who was adapting some of my recipes for her son who is both coeliac and diabetic.  So, it is possible.  I think you could start by reducing the sugar to 120 grams or if you want to go for broke, go for 100 gms.  I would try a simple reduction first and then see if you need to do any further adjustments.  It may be that if you reduce the amount of sugar, you may need to increase the amount of banana a bit, to compensate for the loss of sugar.  Sometimes I find that if the bananas are very ripe, the loaf is too sweet.  This is because as the fruit ripens, the sugar concentration increases.  So maybe, by using fruit that is less ripe- say bananas that are perfect for eating- the banana loaf will taste less sweet, without adjusting the sugar content. at all.  As always, lovely to hear from you and keep me posted.