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Look what I found?

chick pea pasta gf jpeg.jpgI recently spotted a pack of fresh "chick pea" pasta at my local Waitrose and snatched it up quickly.  It is gluten and wheat free and I think it's really tasty.  What most interested me about this new discovery is that it was in the fresh pasta section and seemed to be mingling quite happily amongst all the fresh ravioli, tortellini and linguini.  I rather like this app

Valentine's Day

Hot off the heals of "temptation" I bring you a sweet little something for Valentine's Day.


temptation mother and child jpeg gf vers 2.jpgAn incident at school a few weeks ago has got me thinking. What do you do when you find out your child has been experimenting with no-go foods? How should you react? How should you broach the subject and what tactics should you employ to get them back on the straight and narrow?

Pizza Express Style Dough Balls

Garlic Dough Balls gf jpeg.jpgIt's not often that I wake in the night with an aha! moment, but two nights ago, I certainly had one.  I had been deliberating on what to make for a children's tea party on Friday evening.  The mind of a product developer (that's me by the way) works in mysterious ways.   I was thinking of something to serve with a big bowl of pasta and the idea of garlic bread flickered through my mind.

Favourite Cookbooks

stack of books gf jpeg.jpgThere is always a big stack of cookbooks within arm's reach.  I've lost count of how many I actually own  and there are a few  "borrowed" ones as well.  Most go through life sitting happily on the shelf to be retrieved now and then for "research".  The ones I use day in and day out certainly look like they've been dragged around.

Adventurous Eaters

manspidergf.jpgI am running an experiment at the moment to test the kids' tastebuds and to see how far they're prepared to go.  They are both pretty good at trying things but in the run up to Christmas I felt we had fallen into the spaghetti Bolognese, shepherd's pie and pesto trap.  I set myself a target of finding some new dishes to add to the weekly repertoire.  So far we have had an improvised Indian spiced meatball curry served with tarka dhal,  kedgeree and u

Is this gluten free?

Satay gf pic.jpgGoing out to eat is something most of us take for granted.  Choosing a restaurant comes down to location, budget, a previous experience or a recommendation and of course the menu.  If you are a coeliac, the menu comes top of the list.   Eating out with a coeliac child presents lots of challenges.  The menu is pretty key, but as with any child, the atmosphere and the physical space can be the making or the  undoing of many a famil

Teff Flour

teffgf.jpgI've just received my first shipment of Teff flour and the excitement is nearly killing me.  This flour is well known in the US and hails originally from Ethiopia.  It has one of the highest protein contents making it incredibly nutritious.  After years of searching, I finally found this flour from a company called Pure Innovative Solutions.  You can find their details in the Useful Links section.  I've reproduced their information on Teff, from their web

New Year's Resolutions

luluwaggf.jpgWe went to bed listening to the church bells of Harwell ringing in the New Year  and woke to a beautiful crisp and very cold morning.  After a breakfast of streusel topped blueberry muffins, Daddy's delicious hot chocolate (recipe to come!) and some strong coffee, we wrapped up, wearing all our winter woolies and headed into Oxford City Centre on the train.  This is part of our resolution to be a little greener this year and make more of our public transport sys

happy gluten free christmas everyone

We are getting the Turkey ready, stuffing is done and about to go in the oven.  All the presents from Santa have been opened so now all there is left to do is wish you all a very merry christmas.  With love from Ruthie, Lucia, Marc and Adriana

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