What advice do you have for eating out with a GF child?


Check the menu before you go in the restaurant. Look for simple meat and vegetable options, such as grilled chicken, meat or fish, with steamed vegetables. Avoid anything which has a sauce or gravy as these may contain wheat flour. Never assume what you order will be gluten-free. You must ask the staff or the chef directly about all the ingredients in every dish. Be especially careful of things like chips, which can often be coated in wheat flour or may be fried in the same oil as other items containing wheat.

Look for restaurants where the food is predominantly made from scratch. Chains and fast food establishments tend to have very little in the way of gluten-free food. Mediterranean, Latin American, Thai and Indian food, tend to be less reliant on wheat and can be good choices. Chinese food is generally not a good choice as most of the dishes contain soy sauce which contains wheat.

If possible phone the restaurant before you arrive and discuss your requirements with the chef.

Gluten Free Menu Items


 Guacamole with tortilla chips – check both are gluten-free



Prawn crackers – check not fried in oil with other items containing gluten

Crudités (fresh raw vegetables) and hummous – check gluten-free

Prawn cocktail – check sauce is gluten-free


 Tuna salad with mayonnaise – check mayonnaise is gluten-free

Omelette with oven chips − check chips are gluten-free

Grilled or roasted chicken with mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes – no gravy

Grilled or baked fish with buttered rice

Grilled steak with oven chips − check chips are gluten-free

Grilled chicken drumsticks

roast meat (lamb, beef, chicken or pork) − check gravy is gluten-free

Rice dishes (paella, pillau, risotto)

steamed vegetables


Baked potatoes with cheese and beans −

check beans and cheese are gluten-free


fresh fruit with cream

sorbet or ice lollies



Rice pudding

Yoghurt – check gluten-free

Chocolate – check gluten-free


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