How do you make a gluten-free (GF) diet a normal and integral part of the family diet/menu?

  • Try to rid your house of at least 90% of all items containing gluten. Limit any items containing gluten to a small basket or cupboard and keep this in an out of the way place that is not easily accessible.
  • Get yourself a copy of Coeliac UK’s Food Directory. This lists over 11,000 products which are gluten-free. Learn to read ingredient labels. Check the allergy panel first. If it list gluten than put the item back. If it doesn’t, then read through the label carefully. Sometimes manufacturers make mistakes! If you are not sure, check the directory or email Coeliac UK for advice.
  • Look for recipes in cookbooks which are naturally gluten-free and keep a list on file to be accessed regularly. Look on the internet for sites with gluten-free recipes.
  • Get your child to help in the kitchen and involve them in preparing and selecting gluten-free food. Make all your main meals gluten-free.
  • Avoid eating out initially, until you feel your child can cope with awkward situations. Check out local restaurants and cafes in your area and ask if they can prepare gluten-free food.
  • Always have some special treats or snacks with you and bring enough to share with friends. If your child sees other children enjoying gluten-free food, they are less likely to feel left out.
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