Homemade Gluten Free Sausages

Another Gluten-free cooking for kids recipe

These are delicious and can be made in advance and frozen.  Serve with oven chips and a fresh green salad.  Thank you to Moss for sharing his secret recipe.



Preparation time

30 minutes to prepare 15-20 minutes to cook


500g boneless pork loin chops
180g back bacon
Corn flour
olive oil


Cut the pork chops and bacon into 1 inch chunks.  Blitz everything including the fat, in a food processor until fairly smooth.  If you have a mincer, place the minced meat through the mincer.  Now shape the meat into either sausage shapes or small patties.  Use just enough cornflour to stop the mixture sticking.  You can freeze the sausages at this point. 

To cook the sausages, add enough olive oil to a heavy skillet to more than coat the bottom, about 1 cm depth should do it. Heat the oil and then test the temperature by adding a sausage.  It should sizzle nicely.  Add the sausages, without crowding them.  Cover with a lid and allow to cook on a lowish heat for about 8- 10 minutes.  Watch them carefully as they can burn easily.  After about 10 minutes, flip them over and cook the other side for a further 8 minutes or so.  Make sure they are fully cooked through before serving.  You can also bake these in the oven if you prefer.  Bake them in a hot oven (220 C) for about 20 to 25 minutes.