Gluten Free Spain?

glutenfreeGalletas.jpgAfter trying your amazing brownies (which I reluctantly shared with some friends – but admittedly scoffed mostly by myself!) I just had to find out more about what Gluten free products were available at my local supermercado in Spain. Expecting to find a section dedicated to gluten free foods in the special foods isle I was disappointed to find mostly diet products and diabetic foods. However, passing through the biscuit and cookie isle I spotted this! Gluten free galletas :-) My guess is that there are gluten free products available but they’re just cunningly hidden amongst the other foods. Having suffered from eczema since childhood and having tried every alternative therapy and diet out there over the years, including vegan, dairy free and wheat free – I haven’t as yet tried gluten free, so I’m interested to find out what’s available locally. My quest continues…

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