The Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids – an excerpt

The Gluten-free Cookbook for KidsWelcome to the wonderful world of gluten-free cooking. If you are browsing through this web site chances are you are looking for some help finding delicious, child-friendly meals for the gluten-free person in your life. You’ve come to the right place.

Many of the recipes featured on this web site are from my newest book The Gluten- Free Cookbook for Kids. In the book you will find 101 tried-and-tested recipes for mouth-watering gluten-free meals. Birthday cakes, pancakes, sticky ribs, pizza, crispy chicken nuggets, soups, salads, brownies and chocolate chip cookies are just some of the ‘forbidden foods’ your child will now be able to enjoy.

Quick and easy to prepare, using readily available ingredients, these recipes will inspire you to prepare gluten-free food for the whole family, covering every eventuality from breakfast, lunch and tea to kids’ favourites and party food. Most importantly, with these recipes your child will be able to enjoy life to the full, eating the sort of food that their non-gluten-free friends will clamour for.

A diagnosis of gluten intolerance requires a significant lifestyle change. To help you and your child cope with living gluten-free, I have included practical strategies, answers to frequently-asked questions and some creative advice on how to manage potentially tricky situations like eating out, school, holidays and birthday parties, as well as getting support from family and friends. There are even ideas on what to pack in your child’s lunch box and a menu planner to make your day-to-day life easier.

Ruthie – My inspiration

My primary objective in sharing this information with you is to reassure you that following a gluten-free diet will not prevent your child from eating and enjoying delicious everyday food. I say this not as a casual bystander, but as someone who has experienced first hand what you may be experiencing at this very moment.

My daughter, Ruthie, was diagnosed with coeliac disease in December 2004 when she was 17 months. We returned home from the hospital feeling exhausted but so relieved to finally know what was wrong with our little girl. At the time she weighed less than 6kg (13lb) and had little or no energy to do the things most toddlers of her age were doing.

She became ill when we were on holiday and it took almost two months to find out what was causing her to lose weight so dramatically. There were other symptoms too, like her clinginess and sleeping six to seven hours during the day, which should have alerted us that something was seriously wrong. As a first-time mother, I felt so guilty for not picking up on these symptoms earlier. I have to confess that I did not know anything about coeliac disease, nor did I know what ‘gluten-free’ meant.

Table of Contents from The Gluten-free Cookbook for Kids


Section One: Going Gluten-free

1 Understanding What Gluten-free Means 2 Adapting to a Gluten-free Lifestyle 3 Getting Help Along the Way 4 A Gluten-free Kitchen

Section Two: Gluten-free Recipes

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