Cheese scones

Hi Adriana, long time since I was on here. Made some of your awesome sultana and banana muffins today - always a success since I stopped using silicone bakeware! I also made some cheese scones, the ones which start off as choc chip scones in the book. They rose, I cut them out rather than made triangles but they tasted a little "floury" which is the only word I can think of to describe it. Maybe they taste of the baking powder, maybe xanthan gum, not sure what it is. I usually use my Granny's old Bero baking recipe book and use self raising flour, dont roll or press them too thin and they are perfect...this is obviously plain and buckwheat flour. Did I do something wrong, or am I not comparing like with like! Still love your recipes and my book is very well marked with butter finger marks, always the sign of a well used book! Ev

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