What I made today with my Thermomix

I was on the school trip today, so it's a miracle that I made anything at all.  I'll be brief as it's late now.....I made two types of curry sauces, one for some chicken satay and another for a vegeable curry I am making tomorrow. I also made some really nice Basmati rice for supper, which was steamed to perfection.   Then I made three lots of wholemeal dough (sadly not gluten free) for making crazy breadsticks at my daughter's nursery tomorrow. The dough kneading function on the Thermomix is incredible.  In less then 2 minutes, it kneads the dough, without chopping into it, like most food processors would do and in less then one hour, including the time for proofing a loaf, I made a very sweet wholemeal loaf which Marc will be having for breakfast.  

I am hoping to get started this weekend on some gluten free flat breads using home made flours made from pulses like chick peas and lentils. 


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