A visit to friends at magical Manor Farm

Yesterday we visited the MacGregor clan whist they were staying at Manor Farm for a week. Manor Farm in Hampshire is part of an innovative idea for providing a sort of "camping for softies" for families on a working farm. 

mf3.jpgEach tented unit has real beds and matresses, a wood-burning stove, cold running water and a proper lushing loo. The tents themselves are a little like the ones in "Out of Africa" with sides that can open up to allow light, sunshine and breeze to pass through. You cook on either of the wood burning stoves (inside and out) or from an open fire pit).

ianmeal.jpg Mr MacGregor (father provider) made a healthy and delicious GF lunch of BBQ, rice, chargriled vegetables and watercress salad and a really top notch prawn and chorizo dish. Charlotta made rich red stewed fruit and yogurt for dessert. Superb and dishes came back empty needless to say - "Please Sir can I have more?"


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