Royal Wedding Fever

William and Kate.jpg gf.jpgThe excitement is really starting now, with our first little clips of Kate and William during their final wedding rehearsal at Westminster Abbey today.  You may be surprised to hear that we will not be camping out in London waiting for a  glimpse of the couple, but instead will be plumping up the cushions on the sofa and making some very British food for our village street party. Street Party Grazia David Loftus Photo.jpg gf.jpg On the menu will be corornation chicken, sausage rolls, jelly, and a very retro mushroom pate made by our neighbor Janet.  I will be bringing along a Catherine Sponge- which I think will raise a few eyebrows.  Inspired by Kate's love of Champagne, marshmallows and passion fruit, this cake really is more then the sum of it's parts.  A friend recently trialled it out on her dad and served it as a birthday cake.  Apparently there was rapturous applause.  It must have been good, because we didn't get to sample it.  Not even a little crumb was left.  If time allows I shall also be going for broke with a gluten free Battenburg.  I for one, really can't wait for Friday. 

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