New GF Baking Courses for 2010

I will be teaching a GF Baking Course at the Bertinet Kitchen in Bath on Friday 19th March. This course will look at breadmaking, pastry, cakes and biscuits. For more information please look at The Bertinet Kitchen web site This would make a great present for the gf person in your life. Bath is a fantastic place for shopping, tourism and leisure. Why not make a full weekend of it and book in to the full spa experience. I've yet to experience it but have been told you can book a 3 hour session at the luxurious health spa in Bath  for a grand total of 18 pounds! I can also recommend the Theatre Royal in Bath. That weekend they have a production of Haunted starring Brenda Blethyn, (Secrets and Lies) , Niall Buggy (of Mamma Mia and Father Ted fame) and Beth Cooke. You can get more information on what's on in Bath at And if you are looking for GF restaurant recommendations, do let me know as I am fast compiling a list of great places to eat in Bath.

Also look out for a gf baking tutorial series at Leith's School of Food and Wine  (including lecture, demonstrations and hands on practical work).  The first in the series will look at breadmaking and pastry.  This will take place at Leith's School of Food and Wine on Thursday 29 April.   You can see more information on this on the Leith's website

NEWS JUST IN!  A new course has been added to the list.  It will take place at The Newlyns Cookery School in Hampshire on Friday 14th May.  The course will focus on bread and pastry and other areas where gluten is a key component.  For further information please check the Newlyns Farm Website or email me at
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chrstn wrote 10 years 48 weeks ago

Happy New Year

Adriana dear, Happy New Year to you and Marc and your families! I Googled you and found this great news. What I really wanted to do was send you and e-mail but I have no address for you, so please pardon this public display. My, you have been productive, a new book and 2 beautiful children since my last update. All is well here. Stern is 16 and Lily 12! I will pass your book info. on to everyone I know with gluten allergies. Thinking of you with love, Michele (I am on Facebook in case you have the time to get in touch in that way.)