My Thermomix has arrived

Thermomix Delivery Man.jpg gf.jpgYou can see from the picture that the fun has started.  My brand new Thermomix arrived this morning and things around here have been very exciting.  For a start, I ordered it yesterday after almost 2 years of lusting and less then 24 hours later it is sitting on my kitchen counter, looking ready and eager. Thermomix Box.jpg gf.jpgWithin 10 minutes of the box arriving, it was up and running.  It's first job was to make lunch. thermomix close up.jpg gf.jpg I raided the fridge and found the following items:  2 carrots, 2 yellow peppers, a piece of ginger and a red chilli pepper that had seen better days.  To this I added 2 small onions, 2 cloves of garlic, a tin of tomatoes and some chicken stock.  My role in the process was to wash and peel the vegetables, take the seeds out of the chilli and chop everything into manageable chunks.  This took all of 3 minutes.  I chucked everything in, added some olive oil, blitzed the contents, and then sauteed the vegetables for about 3 minutes.  I then added the stock and set the timer for 14 minutes.  After 12 minutes I could see the vegetables were cooked, so I blitzed it at full power (speed 10) for about 1 minute.  In less then 20 minutes I served up a hot and spicy soup, which was a zillion times better then anything you might buy ready made at a supermarket.  It was fresh, vibrant and incredibly healthy. 

Later on in the afternoon I made flapjacks, crumbed some left over corn bread,  steamed cauliflower, made a cheese sauce, grated the left over rinds of several bits of Parmesan, and steamed some long grain rice. I was blown away by how well the rice came out and by how quickly you can make an entire meal with very little washing up.  I'm in love and can't wait to get stuck in tomorrow.

I hear from reliable sources that most people who own a Thermomix give it a name, the most common being Thelma  I asked Lucia her thoughts on this and she suggested calling it Postman Pat.  Then she thought again and decided on the name Rosie.  I like Rosie. 

One of the main attractions with this machine is that it is very child friendly.  You do need to be clear about safety instructions and making sure children understand that the machine can get hot as can the liquids inside.  But having given Lucia the safety guidelines chat, she really got to grips with how it works very quickly and she loved turning the speed dials, chucking in the hunks of cheese and listening to the turbo engine noises which sounded a bit as if an airplane had just landed on our work top.  Her final words this evening were," lets make popovers tomorrow for breakfast.  I think Rosie will be very good at that".  Indeed! 


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