The Isle of GF awareness

We were recently holidaying on the Isle of WIght and were amazed by the number of people who were Coeliac, everyone from the lovely lady selling her homemade icecreams from a retro yellow ice cream van to the waitress in Lugleys, Cowes to the Chocolate shop lady to the barman in Saltys in Yarmouth. That's quite a lot of random people who were all fully upto date on the issues. Sauteed potatoes, fresh lobster and rocket and vine tomatoes were a huge hit for Ruthie as was the pure dairy ice creams (two a day). Well done to the Garlic Farm  for serving a GF brownie in their lovely cafe and also to the Chessel Pottery Barn for having GF scones with cream and strawberry jam, btw they sell some amazing huge marbles in the shop there - guaranteed to take you back to halcyon days!.

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