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Here in the UK we have a new manufacturer of gluten free bread.  There has been so much excitement about this as this is a new venture for a very large and well known brand and they have a million(s) of pound new dedicated gluten free facility for making a range of gluten free breads including sliced white, brown, submarine rolls, teacakes and I think some other products too.

The name of the company is Warburton's by the way.  It's taken me about 3 weeks to track the product down.  Everytime I've been to the supermarket, the staff have said, it's sold out.  Well to you and me, that might sound like an overwhelming success, but the truth seems to be something a little different.  It turns out that this new bread is delivered in very small volumes.  And when I say small, I mean small, like 3 loaves per store.  So that might explain why there aren't any loaves to be seen and why it's so expensive.

Anyway, I did track down a loaf this weekend and brought it home to try it out.  It had a funny smell and there were some very unappetising green bits speckled here and there.  I managed to get one slice out without it disintegrating and limbered myself up for tasting it.  It was horrible!  I don't even want to think about describing it to you as it was that bad.  What a dissappointment.  I'd love to know who they tested this on?  It says on the package that numerous recipes were tried before they created this one.....judging by their talent for creating false impressions, does 'numerous'  mean more then one? or perhaps two? Can it really be that difficult to make a good tasting, good looking commercial gluten free loaf? 

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Alisont 552 wrote 9 years 37 weeks ago

Warburton's Gluten free bread

I totally agree. Not worth the money or the searching to find such a bad loaf. Don't waste your time or petrol tracking it down.