Gluten Free Cooking Course at The Bertinet Kitchen Bath

I've just returned from having another wonderful day at The Bertinet Kitchen in Bath.  Richard took a class of 14 through some great gluten free recipes including focaccia, a loaf bread, maize wraps, far breton ( a kind of clafoutis with rum soaked prunes) and yummy blinis. It was a great challenge to work through quite a number of dietary restrictions including lactose and dairy intolerance, a fish allergy,  an intolerance to solanacious vegetables (this includes potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes and chili peppers) and a few others which I can't  even remember! 

But being a consumate professional Richard did not panic and boldly made substitutions as we went along.  He very rightly made the point at the begining of the day that learning is a continous process, we can all learn from each other.  And this is exactly what we did.  We all took away something new and the atmosphere for the day was very positive.  Hats off to Monsieur Bertinet!




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