fonut donut selection gf.jpgOn a recent work trip to Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting two lovely ladies who have taken the gluten free donut challenge by the horns and have come up with what can only be described as the most amazing gluten free donuts ever!

I know that one should not band about accolades and certainly using the word 'amazing' too often, will make readers turn on their heels, but this I tell you, hand on heart is a small start up which deserves to be recognised.

Fonuts is a donut shop with a difference.  They make and serve both gluten and gluten free donuts, but neither groups will feel they've been given second best.  All their donuts are baked, not fried and made with all natural ingredients so there is a healthier take on the traditional fat laden cake.

fonut lovely ladies gf.JPGThe two lovely ladies are Waylnn Lucas and Nancy Truman.  Waylynn used to be the pastry chef at Bazaar an ultra trendy restaurant in LA.  Her background in molecular gastronomy has come in handy here as she has somehow  managed to make a gluten free donut which tastes light, fluffy and doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth.  Nancy her partner has developed most of the recipes and added her spin on making something ordinary into something extra ordinary.

For those of you who also avoid eggs and veer towards the vegan spectrum, the good news is there are delicious option for you too. 

fonuts shop gf.jpgfonuts donut display 2 gf.jpgWhat I most admire about this concept is it's simplicity and the amount of passion and good spirit that emerges from both the product and the shopping experience.  These ladies are warm, generous, clever and talented.  If you happen to be in Los Angeles, for whatever reason, you should check this out.  Please do check on line as they are not open everyday and it would be a tragedy to go all that way and not get a Fonut.

Just in case you are wondering which donuts we recommend, we tried the strawberry buttermilk, the blueberry, the chocolate glazed, the chocolate and coconut and the chorizo n cheese (sadly, this one wasn't gluten free) but they were all delicious.  I know that Nancy and Waylynn are hoping to expand their concept and I just hope that one day they will cross the pond and come here to the UK.  I know they will get a right royal welcome from all the gluten free people in the United Kingdom. 

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