The Duchess of Cornwall and Dhruv Baker's Dem at The Women's Institute

Duchess at WI.jpg gf.jpgIt's been quite a week.  I was behind the scenes on Tuesday when The Duchess of Cornwall visited Denman college the national teaching centre of the Women's Institute where I am now a tutor.  I was assisting the Master Chef winner  2010 Dhruv Baker who was demonstrating and teaching on the day.  To my great surprise his menu was entirely gluten free.  What a treat and I can say, it was amazing.  Dhruv showed us how to make a ballotine of chicken with a spiced chicken mouselline filling,  This was served with a pickled carrot puree, saffron new potatoes and buttered spinach with fenugreek.  For dessert he made a fantastic dark chocolate almond torte with amaretto cream and fresh raspberries.  I only had a tiny taste but can say it was fantastic.  I really enjoyed the mix of spices and flavours. Even though I had done a 9 hour day in the WI kitchen, I came home and felt compelled to  make the vegetables for the family.  I served them alongside a crispy roast chicken.  What a fabulous combination. 

These recipes are not entirely child friendly, as the flavours are quite bold and may not suit young children.  But I do think older children and grownups will really enjoy them. 

Dhruv Baker at WI jpeg large vers.jpgWith Dhruv's kind permission I will be posting the recipes in the recipe section of the website.  Please try them.  They are spectacular.  A big thanks to Dhruv for showcasing gluten free food in such a creative and inspiring way.

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