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Check out these gorgeous creations made by children at the WI Cookery School in Marcham.  This was a class called Family Baking which took place just before Easter.  Twelve children and twelve grown ups spent 5 hours together, baking, laughing, decorating and sharing time together learning a new skill. The day started with a quick demonstration on making Velvet Butter Cupcakes.  We talked about the impotance of making sure the butter was at room temperature and followed this by having great fun squishing the butter packs.  We learned about creaming the butter and sugar and adding the eggs in small amounts so that our mixtures didn't 'curdle' and to ensure that our cupcakes would be light as a feather.  Then we took turns mixing in the dry ingredients.  Finally, we whisked up some egg whites and much to the horror of some of the grown ups, we took turns holding the bowl over their heads.  Fortunately no one ended up with eggy hair.  Then it was the children's turn to have a go and off they went to their stations to make cupcakes.  They squished, beat, fluffed, poured, stirred and mixed happily, whilst the grown ups did the washing up!  First batch of cupcakes in the oven, it was time to make Shrimpy's Chocolate Cupcakes.  By this time, the room was filled with wonderful baking smells and everyone seemed very relaxed and happy.  I was thrilled to see how well the children listened and how they followed instructions.  The end results were amazing.  Light, well risen cupcakes which were miles better then anything you might purchase at a bakery.

After lunch we talked about icing and decorating.  I demonstrated how to make delicious buttercream icing and how to add different flavours and colourings.  The children decorated their cake boxes and came up with names for their bakeries.  Then they made huge quantities of icing and selected their toppings from a cart full of gummy bears, dolly mixture, chocolate buttons, and other colourful sweeties.  Then they went to town.  Check out some of these babies. 

Wi beautiful cupcake boxes.JPG gf.jpgWI cupcake crazy chick.JPG gf.jpgWI cupcake bokes colourful bakery.JPG gf.jpg

Just before going home time, they packaged their creations into their bespoke boxes.  The grown ups were allowed a hot drink and were given stars for good behaviour. 

If you are interested in a gluten free family baking day, please get in touch.  I would love to organise a similar day where children and parents can spend the day making some truly delicious gluten free treats.  I haven't got any specific dates or venues yet, but would love to know if this is something you might be interested in.  Apart from getting to sample everything you've made, it gives children great confidence to see that they can paricipate in making great tasting food. 

If you are interested in a gluten free family baking day, please contact me I will be teaching a gluten free course for adults at the WI on Saturday 18 September.  For further information on this course please see the WI website.

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