Coeliac Disease The Essential Guide

Coeliac Disease Essential guide pic jpeg.jpgI was given a copy of this to review awhile back and have only just unearthed it from a massive pile of books I was hoping to tell you about.  This book was written by Kate Coxon, who has two children who have Coeliac Disease, so she comes well armed with coping strategies and helpful tips for getting on with life, once you've been diagnosed.  I particularly like the no nonsense approach, the clear writng style and the clear format of the book.  It is also very reasonably priced, which makes it a handy book to give to teachers, grandparents, friends or indeed anyone who may need to know more about the disease and it's ramifications. The book covers a wide range of issues including a good description of Coeliac Disease and it's symptoms, how to start cooking gluten free, eating out, travelling and holidays and a section on frequently asked questions. There are a few recipes in the book too, which are useful standbys and also may encourage a friend or a grandparent to have a go at making something gluten free.  As with many conditions, educating others and raising awareness  are the cornerstones for moving forward and I think this book does a good job of highlighting the key information and making people aware of what they can do to help themselves. The book is available widely and can also be purchased from the Coeliac UK website.

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